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    I'm gonna guess this is the only time footage of the Saigon Execution has been used in a G-rated movie.

  • Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story

    Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story


    The hilariously awful depiction of Jack Nicholson (which felt like Ben Stiller impersonating Tom Cruise impersonating Jack Nicholson) almost made up for the offensively awful depiction of Jimi Hendrix. 

    Extra points for a shot in a montage that seemed to acknowledge that Micky Dolenz owned one of the first Moog synthesizers.

  • Suture



    Fantastic black and white cinematography and some interesting ideas wrapped up in a cool 90s noir façade. Unfortunately it's all undermined by the kind of bullshit film school script where the love interest is literally named Renée Descartes.

  • All the President's Men

    All the President's Men


    Seemed like a fitting day to watch this...

  • Cobra



    This is where Christmas stops...

    ...and I start...


  • Cabin Boy

    Cabin Boy


    Almost commendable for its aesthetic and the sheer what-the-fuckery of its existence. I tend to like Chris Elliott, but his humor does not translate to this odd adventure at all. And a pretty awesome supporting cast is given very little to do other than call Elliott "Nancy" for 40 minutes. 

    That floating cupcake is pretty funny shit though...

  • Sing Street

    Sing Street


    I did not like this nearly as much as everyone else for a few reasons:

    Firstly, the original songs fucking sucked. I appreciated that Dingus would listen to a band and then write a song that sounds like that band. Except they ended up with these horribly overwritten and overproduced turds that sound like they belong on Radio Disney circa 2016, which totally undermines the authenticity of the action. And I'm actually knocking half a star off my rating for…

  • Good Morning, Vietnam

    Good Morning, Vietnam


    I randomly happened to watch two movies with Bruno Kirby in two days. Feels like a noteworthy moment for 2016.

  • The Crumbles

    The Crumbles


    Sometimes small, slight independent films can get by on their spirit and plucky charm.  And sometimes they come really close and almost win me over but ultimately don't. Like The Crumbles. 

    But hey, I'm the first person to log this movie. So I guess it was all worth it, right?  Right?!?

  • A Trip to the Moon

    A Trip to the Moon


    I got my kid some rocket shaped crackers and he asked to watch this because he's a righteous dude.

  • Weekend


    Giving Weekend a star rating seems pointless. All of the praise heaped on the film is completely justified. So are all of the criticisms. But none of that really matters because Jean-Luc Godard clearly does not give a fuck what the audience thinks. So with that in mind, there is little doubt that this is exactly the film that he set out to make.

    I know exactly fuck all about the French political landscape of the 60s, but I do…

  • The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

    The Umbrellas of Cherbourg


    I'm pretty sure I hated this movie for the first half.  But here we are...