Back to the Wall

Back to the Wall ★★★★½

Extra 1/2 star just for the long close-up of Jeanne Moreau staring out a rainy window, as though director Édouard Molinaro can’t look away from her. I know I couldn’t, I rewound and paused for a moment. Those deep black marble irises searching the void. She just kills me. 

Molinaro and cinematographer Robert Lefebvre shoot the hell out of this. I must have gasped at least five times at the pure beauty of this very clever and surprisingly fun noir. 
The dialogue and music free opening sequence had me on the edge of my seat and made it clear immediately I was in for a treat. 

Definitely worth searching out. I had to purchase a Kino Lorber French Noir (oh darn) Blu Ray to see it.

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