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  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    Life is beautiful. It’s mundane and monotonous, but it’s beautiful. Every morning, I wake to seek the “life” part of life. It’s a refreshing reminder that this world, filled with corruption and hatred, and love and compassion, is worth living in. On the busy streets, people come and go. Do you ever ask yourself, “What life are they living?” A depressed man sips his morning coffee after another lonely night in his apartment, while the young girl holds her father’s…

  • Boogie Nights

    Boogie Nights


    I did the unthinkable and watched this with my mom. Guess what...she absolutely loved it.

    Easily the best viewing experience I have had of this movie. I could really feel the emotions and the gut-punches this time around. Believe it or not, i'm actually writing my college essay on Paul Thomas Anderson, and how he has helped me find my purpose in life. I have never been more excited to write an essay in my entire life. Hearing my mom…

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  • Daddy Day Care

    Daddy Day Care


    If you see me rating childhood classics 3+ stars, please mind your own business.

  • Brazil



    Dad fell asleep halfway through but my brother Charlie joined in with me and we started talking about how relevant this and 1984 are in today’s world. That ending is still mind-boggling the second time around.

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  • Yasuke


    Havent seen this but fucking hell...

    Rest in power, Chadwick Boseman.

  • It



    This long-ass movie may have shitty editing, weird acting, cliché writing, and a fifteen minute Chinese dinner montage that provides literally nothing to the story, but the entertainment factor is still high. I think I’ve seen this around four times now and I still never get tired of it. Tim Curry is just awesome.

    Let’s just add it to the list of poorly-made movies that I still find compulsively watchable.