Yi Yi ★★★★★

Life is beautiful. It’s mundane and monotonous, but it’s beautiful. Every morning, I wake to seek the “life” part of life. It’s a refreshing reminder that this world, filled with corruption and hatred, and love and compassion, is worth living in. On the busy streets, people come and go. Do you ever ask yourself, “What life are they living?” A depressed man sips his morning coffee after another lonely night in his apartment, while the young girl holds her father’s hand, gleefully skipping around because of the wonderful grade she made on her science test. We will never know what people are going through. The human condition will remain fully undiscovered. And while people have their different conflicts throughout the day, a sense of relatability will always shine through one another. 

Edward Yang portrays life in such a realistic way that I can’t describe: the noise of the rushing cars on city streets, the bleak lights of the towering office buildings, the towering trees shedding their beauty. It all just works perfectly. If you ever feel somewhat lost in life, or even sentimental about something, take three hours out of your day and watch this foundational piece of cinema. I can confidently say that this is a new favorite of mine.

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