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  • Midsommar: The Director's Cut

    Midsommar: The Director's Cut

    A sold-out, final night screening of a three-day engagement at Portland’s glorious Hollywood Theatre. 

    Other than the appropriate gasps and guffaws, the packed audience was silent. They wanted this three-hour cut so badly. And now I understand why.

    Ari Aster is proving himself to be a master of lingering images. Sure, I will be watching this blissful fever dream many times over, but I feel as though I don’t need to. Still so clear in my mind are dozens of…

  • The Dark Crystal

    The Dark Crystal

    Finally caught up with this after seeing the gorgeous trailer for the Netflix series. I gotta say, sure, the environments and often unsettling character designs are inspired, but man oh man is it difficult to care about anything that happens. I’m sure this criticism has been echoed throughout the decades, but I really would enjoy this more with the dialogue on mute.

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  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    Between this and You Were Never Really Here, it's a great year for form-conscious movies about idealistic loners.

    This one knocked me down. I watched it alone, with maybe 10 other people in the audience. As I traipsed down the hallway to the exit I had the conscious thought, "I really need to talk to someone about this." Then I walked through the door and a guy around my age stood there, staring at me, like he was waiting. "What…

  • Inside Out

    Inside Out


    I'll always have a soft spot for Toy Story, but this one is probably Pixar's most successful endeavor yet. Where Up and Wall-E stumble into noisy adventuring in their third acts, Inside Out keeps its footing through it all. Oh, and did I mention it does so without an antagonist of any sort?

    I cried. When I wasn't all choked up and pondering my own childhood and the reflections of a parent upon his little ones, I was gawking at the sheer innovation of it all.

    Movie bliss.