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  • López



    intersting look at the incurable neurosis of the artist. Lord there must be a way not to end up like this man. He has a lot of talent but you can tell that he still suffers daily with imposter syndrome. But yeah, I kind of think of him as an imposter so maybe that has to do with it. this little old man hashtagging himself multiple times a day. What kind of life is worth doing that. But he is an active artist, he is always working and there is something really magical in watching him work.

  • The Father

    The Father

    I loved it. I know it is Oscar fodder but I thought it was really incredible. Kind of weird watching it so soon after Tenet as it has this whole kind of Nolan time game. I'd say it could be reconstructed, that the whole film is him in the nursing home conitnually going back to his various other lives. That would give meaning to him always going into his room and closing the door. It would also make sense of…

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  • Again Once Again

    Again Once Again

    dude, fuck this movie! Its everything that I can't stand about Argentine independent cinema all rolled into one. The obsession with family photos, the navel gazing, the chetas complaining about their lame-existential problems, the scenes at parties where nobody talks and it looks like the most boring fucking party in all history. But the ting I can forgive it for the least is its lack of humor. Maybe thats me, but the self importance of it me seca la concha.…

  • What Will Summer Bring

    What Will Summer Bring


    So yeah, we watched this because it won best feature length at BAFICI. Once again I feel dumb watching a movie because it is a prize winner but, like I said there is a lot off dross, I'm not slogging through all that. We read the synopsis and almmost didn't watch it. "an argentine goes to visit their girlfriend in France and finds footage in an old camera" What the fuck is with this Argentine mania of making films about…