The Muppet Movie

The Muppet Movie ★★★★½

Had this on in the background on-and-off throughout the day. Not the most active watch, but here are some thoughts:

• The full body shot of Kermit riding a bicycle is insanely funny to me.
• The full body shot of Fozzie on stage at the El Sleezo is also insanely funny to me.
• El Sleezo . . . Hahahahahaha!
• As a kid I had no idea what "drinks on the house" meant.
• As a kid I really didn't know who any of the cameos were outside Steve Martin and maybe Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor (because of The Toy).
• Frank Oz's performance on "Never Before, Never Again" -- especially the climax -- is comedy gold.
• Electric yarmulke.
• Sexualized chickens.
• I had never noticed that "It's Time For Saying Goodbye" from Muppets Take Manhattan is just a rip off of "I'm Going Back There Someday". I still prefer the former.
• "Getaway music is our best riff!"
• "Rainbow Connection" makes me cry like a six-year-old with a skinned knee every single time I hear it.

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