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  • Stoker



    there is this general belief that this film has a very lackluster story. Without a doubt all those arguments are right. I too found the film very predictable, but even though the film loses its pace it has some real good moments which make up for it.
    The thing which works for the film is its cast, all three actors are pitch perfect in their performances; making this film a treat to watch. Kidman with her neurotic portrayal, Goode with his murderous intentions and Mia with her incredible portrayal of India Stoker...
    its a must watch even with its flaws.

  • It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life


    perfection.. it melts your heart and wells up your eyes... !!

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  • A Single Man

    A Single Man


    Even though around the world Ford is famous for his designs in clothes, one takes a moment to realize the magnificent artistry he brings to the scenes and eventually to the entire film.

    I wouldn't go to the extent of calling this film flawless because very few works have the credibility and few people can actually call a movie flawless, but i will call it near perfect.

    Colin Firth delivers in a very wonderful and unexpected performance. I never pictured…

  • The Color of Paradise

    The Color of Paradise


    Before I saw 'a separation' this was by far the best Iranian FIlm I had ever seen. It was beautiful with its heartwarming performances which echo still in my heart and dialogues which were coherent with the delicate nature of the film.
    The blind child's plea to God when he sits with his master for the first time is both moving and shattering. I have never seen such a nice and great performance coming from a kid. The review in…