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  • Rampage



    Really dumb (not a surprise) and just chock full of generic, exposition-laden dialogue when it’s not letting the Rock ham it up with a CGI gorilla. Also it’s odd how the film kind of traded on 9/11 imagery for no discernible reason (not just building collapse).

    I’ve been a fan of the Rock for some time (not so much his movies), but he really did seem very persona-protective in this. Thank Odin for MoviePass.

    The They Live rip off ending got a decent laugh out of me, at least (not what you’re thinking).

  • Izo



    Untethered from space and time and cursed to walk the earth in rage and bitterness, the spirit of Izo is condemned to kill. Described as a remnant of a grudge, he is the irrationality of all systems of control. He’s the horror hidden inside these systems, borne from them in fact. 

    Watching this again it makes far more sense than it probably should. Don’t expect something linear, though; that would undermine its power. Izo is at once surreal and all…

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  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    Nostalgia was originally defined as a mental condition of longing for one’s lost homeland. American nostalgia is quite a bit different. Steven Spielberg has said this is his thing and oh what a seductive, reductive thing it is.

    The problem with films like Ready Player One is that if you actively engage cognitively with the presented material and your opinion ends up suspicious, you’re either called a joyless cynic or, even better, you’ve committed the mortal sin of “taking it…

  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here


    A lot of mixed feelings on this one. Firstly, I loved We Need to Talk About Kevin. I think the director Lynne Ramsey is pretty fearless in confronting painfully complex truths about human beings. And make no mistake, this is a well-made movie. The physicality of the world around Joe clearly weighs on him and we bear witness to his traumatic dreams and hallucinations right alongside him. The great score underlies this and the cinematography communicates real alienation at times.…