Nomadland ★★★★

What really struck me about this movie was how Fern choses to be alone and finds peace in it, even if it’s maybe not the best thing for her. That resonated with me bc I feel like I deserve to be a loner 🤧🤪. I’m too crazy to be a part of society. Can’t take me anywhere! I like that this is just a collection of Fran’s strange interactions. But I’ve now read some critiques and am questioning if the depiction of poor nomads and the larger systems that trap them in that lifestyle (like the cycle of work that always places the characters back at Amazon) is more harmful than good. Also I didn’t realize the side characters and extras are not actors but real nomads. I thought they were from a local community theatre lmao. I think sometimes in docu-reality there’s a fine line between telling and exploiting a story, and I hope the extras at least were paid well. I also didn’t realize this was based on a non-fiction book by a journalist who lived with nomads while researching. Idk maybe it’s just better to let people with lived experience tell their own stories. But I do think this film has a lot of eccentric people and interactions, as well as some comforting moments of solitude.