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  • Black Christmas
  • It's a Wonderful Life
  • Silent Night, Deadly Night
  • Cash on Demand

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  • Sweet Smell of Success

    Sweet Smell of Success


    How did it get so dark?

    The streets are covered in rain and the lamppost gives just a tingle of light in the black of night. Enough light to give the poor prey a pinch of hope. Hiding in their sleazy caves, the nocturnal creatures of the night torment those a step down in the food chain, and they torment downward until it all becomes a lineage of loathing.

    One of these venal beasts is the press agent Sidney Falco…

  • Häxan



    I may be underestimating the mental capacity for critical thinking of the past, but I can only imagine the effect a “documentary” like Häxan would have had on cinema-goers from literally a century ago.

    Benjamin Christensen inserts himself actively in his educational yet eerily ominous tale of witchcraft and sorcery both as the authoritative narrator-director, but also as the Trickster and Devil, himself.

    He crafts a prescient and deeply empathetic portrait of tormented souls, tortured by society itself, but Christensen’s…

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  • "Sr."


    Wrenching, wholeheartedly. Astonishing how it manages to be a biographical documentary, a documentary about filmmaking, and a documentary about family and fatherhood, and how movies and the making thereof serves as an essential link between all these roads.

  • The Story of Temple Drake

    The Story of Temple Drake


    Ah yes, a classic rape-revenge flick — wait, it’s from 1933?
    The Story of Temple Drake is probably the earliest entry in that brutally named subgenre, but the subject matter is handled quite suberply if maybe a tad too melodramatically. But then again, moments of terror are lit as if they were shooting the latest Universal Horror picture with chiaroscuro lighting and its terrifying shadows — I can forgive a lot for that simple gesture.

    Pre-Code Hollywood, man … fearless for their time. And Miriam Hopkins, such a star.

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  • Moxie



    Hello, fellow kids. I heard you like feminism and equality and all that stuff. Allow me to serve as parental guidance here and spoonfeed you unnuanced ideas from "An Introduction to Feminist Theory".

    Sorry for being facetious, but I'd really much rather watch Lady Bird, Booksmart, Little Women or Girlhood. Maybe even Mean Girls and Clueless - even though they may be a bit dated. They actually manage to show the complexities of feminism rather than seeing the world through the rose-tinted glasses of ideology.

  • Troll



    guys, the troll looks EXACTLY like a harvey weinstein, just more human, im not kidding