Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★½

Brace yourselves, all zombie-loving fans out there because Zack Snyder’s latest all-slow-motion romp is a toothless, brainless, stinking sack of decomposed flesh disguised as a movie. Excessive to the point of self-parody, Army of the Dead is all spectacle and no bite with one-dimensional characters just about as fleshed out as the flesh-eating ghouls shambling about. Sure, there are moments of just-okay scenes in the blistering Las Vegas heat, but then again, even piss tastes good after days in the desert.

I think Army of the Dead is about as perfect an example of where Zack Snyder is at in his career; the Dawn of the Dead director is sitting with his cock in his hand in front of a slot machine in Vegas earning the big bucks while jerking off to his own reflection.

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