Mandy ★★★★

Having dwelled on Mandy since I saw it last night, I've come to the conclusion that it is extremely difficult for me to describe what it did to me - because it certainly DID something to me.

First of, I couldn't describe solely on its own presentation and story; I kept thinking about other movies it reminded me of, not in terms of plagiarism or even in terms of story, yet still it did remind me of a bunch of other great movie experiences I've had.

It reminded me of Blade Runner 2049. Beautiful imagery with beautiful colors. Slow pace but with no expendable scene.
It reminded me of Good Time with the increasing escalation and the great sound design.
It reminded me of Revenge with its waves of blood and its fearlessness in showing the gruesome horrors.
Silence of the Lambs, Alien, and even The Shining.

Yet, somehow, all these brilliant movies can't even thoroughly encapsulate the experience I had with Mandy.

Surely, many of the aforementioned movies may be better, but none of them are Mandy.

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