Naked ★★★★½

The young Johnny (David Thewlis), 27, smelly and unshaven, wanders purposfully aimlessly around the streets of London, intruding upon all indviduals of his choosing with his painfully piercing observations and witticisms.

Naked (1993) comes as close to existential anxiety as possible. A dreadful cynicism seeps through every scene, and despite a few heartfelt seconds - in a life of misery - we are witnessing in essence the absolute low-point of human existence. An almost inexplicable need to humiliate and terrorize people without reason - no matter your socioeconomic status. The need is borderless. The need is, Leigh shows us, innately human. You can justify a lot of awful behavior if you do not care about human existence.

It is the naked thruth of mankind that we have the capacity to love other people, but in return we have the capacity to be disgustingly, unnecessarily evil and cruel.

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