Possessor ★★★★

“Dad, dad, dad! I did it. I made a movie just like you used to.”

“What do you mean, son?”

“I showed the world the wondrous but woeful interconnectedness we have with technology, and how our minds and bodies are shaped by the technology and media we consume.”

“That’s great, son. But how did you show it?”

“Well, to really show how the human body is being affected and warped by the technological world around it, I imposed on the viewer the two-pronged power of bodily transgressions. I gave them the full show of a person, if not persons, losing their mind – how two people fought with ferocity over their sanity within the same confined headspace. But that can easily become too abstract. That’s why I wanted to show the real physical consequences, and I did so by seriously messing up people’s bodies in a grueling special-effects-of-the-80s way. There’s this one scene where I rearranged an actor’s teeth – I mean that’s bound to turn some heads. Also: penises. I showed penises. Cinema’s sacred genitalia exposed on the big screen. Now that’s bodily transgression for the prudes out there.”

“I guess you really got under their skin, huh, son?”

Terrible joke aside, Possessor is one of the best sci-fi horrors as of late, and one that lived up to the massive expectations that I had so stupidly built up before I saw it. Watch the uncut version.

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