Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

I get it now.

Having only previously seen the original Blade Runner on a plane in 2017, it’s obviously a well needed rewatch. 

Well technically this isn’t a rewatch, see the version of Blade Runner I saw was the original cut, with Harrison Ford’s narration.

My stupid 15 year old brain didn’t know what a directors cut was back then, I was simply watching it because I heard the new Blade Runner movie was good and wanted to watch that. 

Still, I remembered so much about the film, even on a small screen and from a version not recognised as the original. The images stuck with me, the story was still compelling and the score was hypnotising. 

The Final Cut is simply incredible. I never thought I’d be the find of person to say that Blade Runner would become one of their favourite films but here I am. 

Seeing it on the Astor’s massive screen with their incredible sound system just sucked me into the world. 

One thing I remembered about the original cut is that while I enjoyed it, I thought it was pretty boring.

I didn’t find The Final Cut boring at all, it’s one of those films where every single fucking frame becomes integral, it’s beautiful. 

What a masterpiece. Loved it so much. 

Maybe this is subconsciously where I found my love for Noir? Nah I still recon I can credit that one to Le Samouraï.

I got to rewatch 2049 now, I also haven’t seen that since 2017.

Side-note: Pris has gotta be one of the inspirations for Harley Quinn right? She’s so cool.

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