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No matter how much I try and get away from this issue, people keep on bringing it up to me and Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, still reminds me of this issue. And today, the 2022 Golden Globes were cancelled, again sparking a whole new shit ton of needless hate and commentary.

The 93rd Oscars (academy awards) occurred on the 26th of April this year, over two weeks ago, yet still, my feed is full of, OscarsSoWoke and CancelTheOscars propaganda. Mainly, the video that’s been shared, again and again, is Ben Shapiro’s new video on the awards.

I will not be addressing the homeless issue or the actual awards ceremony, because what the academy did there, is wrong, there’s no denying it. I’m also not defending the academy by making this post, just the people and the films the academy and the rest of the awards body chose to award.

The main target of this attack on the Oscars was Chloe Zhao's third film, Nomadland which won three Oscars, best actress (Frances McDormand), best director (Chloe Zhao) and best picture of the year. Nomadland is a heartwarming, beautiful and really mediative film about a woman’s search for meaning in a hard time in America’s economy. The film’s haters have wrongly twisted Nomadland’s message into an attack on capitalism, when, while it’s an incredibly minor theme in the film, couldn’t really be further from the truth. People who are saying this are entirely missing the point of the film. They in no way, make you feel pity for Fern (Frances McDormand) for her lifestyle. Instead, it shows you the beauty that can be found within it. Nomads have their own way of life. Maybe not all of them are living in their vans/RV’s because they have a choice to, but some do. They make the best out of a bad situation. It’s made plainly evident, that literally every nomad the film spotlights, loves their lifestyle, it makes them feel free and are all guides for Fern to find self-satisfaction and overcome her loss.

The Father was my favourite out of the best picture nominees, but Nomadland was my second favourite, so I personally had no problem with it winning. But, of course, commentators such as Ben Shapiro, label this win as an attack on capitalism, “look at Hollywood, giving awards a movie about poor people, they wanna make us feel bad for them”. It becomes astoundingly clear, that most of these people have maybe read a plot summary on Wikipedia and nothing more. It’s an embarrassing testament to a film so personal and so not what people label it as. 

Furthermore, Ben spreads this notion that films like Nomadland and The Father and Judas And The Black Messiah are movies “Hollywood” makes for themselves and that they make 100 million dollar films for you. (I’m paraphrasing but it’s literally the contention that he’s spreading to his millions of followers and listeners). What an unbelievably brain dead idea. First off, “Hollywood” is not a singular entity that decides what films are made and ones don’t, as much as some might say otherwise, they’re all driven by money, not politics. While some films are political, they’re only political because it appeals to a demographic who’ll eat it up. I don’t particularly like political films, they aren’t really for me, ‘The Trial Of The Chicago Seven’ was, BY FAR, my least favourite best picture nominee, it’s almost a meme it was even nominated in the first place, but politics amirite. But films like ‘Nomadland’ and The Father’ for example aren’t films made by Hollywood for themselves, The Father wasn’t even made in America, they’re human stories made for everyone, by people who want to explore the beauty and horror found in real life, to educate the public and show them something new. 

I also find it incredibly ironic that Ben Shapiro is criticising big Hollywood studios for making films solely for political reasons, while he has recently started a film production company that’s only producing films that align with his conservative mindset. Bit hypocritical? No? 😶

Also, now that a woman, Chloe Zhao, has won best director, it’s suddenly a woke statement. Women won just because the academy needs to feel progressive. Don’t you feel that it’s a bit ludicrous that this is the 93rd academy awards and that this is only the SECOND time a woman has won the Oscar for best director? But it’s not just this, if these people actually watched Nomadland, whether or not you like the movie, Zhao’s direction is masterful. She is more than deserving of this award. SHE is THE REASON, Nomadland works. 

There was also a bunch of comments about Promising Young Woman winning best screenplay. (Wow controversy when a woman wins an Oscar… not misogynistic or anything… 🙄😯). Yeah, Promising Young Woman wasn’t my favourite movie ever and the screenplay is probably its weakest part, I can’t deny that this award (out of the nominees) wasn’t deserving. Emerald Fennel brought a whole new idea to the rape-revenge flick and it’s clearly touched viewers around the world. And I’m more than fine with awarding something that resonates with so many. Plus Emerald Fennel’s Oscar speech was funny so...

Look… many are probably going to come up to me and ask why I even made this post, it’s because even weeks after the ceremony, this issue of mislabeling films for something they’re not and projecting, clearly biased, ideology to millions of people reflects badly on the films and people that don’t deserve the needless hate. Don’t like the movie, sure, write a bad review, fine, but don’t turn it into something it’s not. Don’t use a ceremony that means so much to individuals and to the winners for your own political ideologies. I hope that people try and take away that message from this post. 

Thank you.

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