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This review may contain spoilers.

Strangely, I found myself thinking of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood once Parasite was over. The reason likely being that the two movies have a similar tonal structure, beginning as a black comedy with barely a narrative thrust and ending with gore galore. However, where Tarantino's style and the historical context can set up the tonal shift, in this it just comes out of nowhere and kind of spoils the broth. What's weird is that the movie is able to create tension after the twist is introduced without that context, with the extended sequence of trying to hide from the Parks after they return home being enough to carry that part of the plot. I also kind of really hated the climax, and it would've ruined the movie for me if the last couple of minutes didn't bring it back together well enough. But man, those first two acts are so so good, I wish I could give this a perfect rating.

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