Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald ★★★

Okay look: My expectations going into the first film were very low. And I've only seen it the one time in the theater last year, but my memory of it was that I was not impressed, but I really loved Eddie Redmayne and his endearing portrayal of Newt. Well, I still love him in this sequel, (I mean can he just be my boyfriend?), and I think I liked this movie quite a bit more than the first one, but it still felt very confusing to me at times, and I don't usually have any problem following what's going on in a movie. I'm not sure if it was too many characters and too much plot and not enough editing, or what.

I got a little bit excited about this one when I saw previews showing Hogwarts and a younger Dumbledore. Really, I'd love a movie (or movies) that focused more on Dumbledore growing up and becoming the legend that he is... but I digress.

Nicholas Flamel does pop up in this one, which is kind of neat, but I'm not sure I understood why he was necessary to the plot either.

I would love to see more of Tina and Jacob in the next movie.

And then the big reveal at the end of the movie? Am I really supposed to believe that Grindelwald is telling the truth???