Ralph Breaks the Internet ★★★★

Even though the original WRECK-IT RALPH came out in 2012, I only got around to watching it this year. And the reason I finally watched it is because the preview I saw for the sequel, RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET, made me very interested in watching the new one. A parody of (and commentary on) the Internet/Internet culture? Yes, please! And of course, we still have the nostalgia for 80’s arcade games as well.

Other quick thoughts:
• I love that so many of the extra characters like the Disney princesses, Groot, and C-3PO were voiced by the original actors.
• The scenes with all of the Disney princesses were some of my favorites. Especially when they discovered the awesomeness of comfy casual wear!
• I had a strong emotional reaction to seeing CGI Stan Lee at one point.
• I didn’t realize until the credits at the end that one of the new characters, “Shank”, that had a fair bit of screen time was voiced by Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman). Taraji P. Henson and Alan Tudyk also voice new characters.
• I think the reason this movie packed an emotional punch for me was that the heart of the story was the friendship between Ralph and Venellope.