The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part ★★★★½

I think this sequel was almost as good, if not as good as the 2014 movie. My absolute favorite was the "Gotham City Guys" song. I mean come on! A musical type song full of meta superhero humor! It's perfect!

Other Stuff I loved:

•Meta jokes kill me!
-Chris Pratt's other movie roles
-sparkly teen vampires
-Bruce Willis/John McClane in an air duct

•Rex Dangervest's velociraptors!

•The part where it is pointed out that Lucy did all the real work in the first movie, but Emmet got the credit!

•Back to the Future reference!

•All the musical numbers!
1) I LOVED the musical number from the "not" evil queen, Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi (Tiffany Haddish)

"Oh no, are we in a musical? [...]
Hello, friends, my name is Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi
Don't worry, I'm totally not one of those evil queens
You've read about in fairy tales or seen in the movies
And there's no reason at all to be suspicious of me
Not evil, not evil, no, the least evil person I know"

2) "Catchy Song" - "This song's gonna get stuck inside your head "

3) The Batman song with all the Batman jokes! (Gotham City Guys)
"I was never into you even
When you were Christian Bale
I'm more of a Keaton guy myself"

"I'm just not into guys who can't fly
--I can fly
The Batwing can fly
Rich boys with gadgets are not my type
--What is your type?
Kryptonian men on my crib tonight"

4) The credits! "Super cool" song!

"It's the credits, yeah that's the best part
When the movie ends and the raining stars
You can keep your adventure and all that action
'Cause the credits of the film are the main attraction
And don't even think about tryna leave
Or you might miss a name like Pam and Steve
Both incredible names and stay in our seats
And read incredible lists of their incredible feats"

"And we're back, and still lovin' the credits
Can't wait to see the one about the person who edits
And even better than that is who edits the credits
I bet I'll never forget 'cause once I read it then I'm ready
I roll into the theater about 90 minutes later
Skip the whole dang movie 'cause the credits are great
Now if you're gonna be featured on a movie song
The credits is the part that you wanna be on"


But seriously, the whole song of "Gotham City Guys":
"Oh great, more singin', right on time
Listen, Bruce
Who's Bruce?
It's nothin' personal
It's just
I've dated men like you before
And you're just not my type (My type?)
Never around during the day
Only come out at night (That's right)
Emotionally wounded
Dark and brooding all the time
Hangin' around with clowns
I don't need that in my life
I ain't Selina Kyle, I ain't no Vicky Vale
I was never into you even
When you were Christian Bale
I'm more of a Keaton guy myself
Oh, I loved him as Beetlejuice

I'm just not into Gotham City guys
'Well, yeah, we're flawed but
That's what makes us so relatable'

I'm just not into guys who can't fly
'I can fly'

The Batwing can fly
Rich boys with gadgets are not my type

'What is your type?'
Kryptonian men on my crib tonight
I'm just not into Gotham City guys
'So what? You're not into me
I don't care. But like, listen up
You're clearly just confused
Gotham dudes are the best
We have deep manly
Voices and insanely ripped pecs
We're Affleck-level hot
And we're Oprah-level rich
With George Clooney-level
Charm and Val Kilmer lips
We worked for our powers
'Cause we're self-made men
We didn't just get them from
The sun like an entitled alien
Go on one date with me and
You'll change your mind'

I'm just not into Gotham City guys
Gimme a chance
No thank you, hard pass
I'm just not into guys who don't wear tights
I used to wear tights, ask Adam West
I'm lookin' for a husband
Someone to share my crown
And Gotham men are playboys
Who would never settle down
Unlike other superheroes
Who are strong and not afraid
Of commitment and relationships
I won't name any names
But I'll leave you a hint
He's made of steel
And wears a red cape"