La La Land

La La Land ★★★★★

got to see it with a live orchestra (vso) at the orpheum in vancouver, bc. brilliant, this film means so much to me i cannot craft words to describe. this time around (maybe 6th? ive lost full accountability as to HOW MANY times i’ve seen this film) i began to notice chazelle’s rich colour palate. the use of the blueish pink colour when mia and sebastian break up after her play, is the same as the lighthouse’s when they first go to a jazz club together. mia wore a purple dress during most of the summer scenes, and when she went into the audition she had the same shade on. that tiny, beautiful moment when they catch each other’s gaze (I REMEMBER EVERYTHING!!) and it feels wistful, romantic, and so impossibly melancholy at once. 

i will say that the lady in front of me apologized for crying every thirty seconds (she did) and a lovely older asian lady in the row ahead was clapping DURING the epilogue (weren’t we all internally) and the man behind me compared the love story to a star is born, how dreams affect our relationships, and the paths we choose shape our lives, and the tall european man directly beside me was trying to covertly swipe away tears through the end. 

my heart. <3

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