Move to Heaven

Move to Heaven ★★★★

now one of my fav dramas ever...
this drama is original, poignant, moving and deep. the acting is superb and the storyline is as unique as it can get. it covers a vast array of themes within korean society and will surely leave you brokenhearted & torn at times. i appreciated the way this drama always felt so raw & vulnerable and how it was never trying to conceal or obscure the realities of life & death. as someone who used to spend a lot of her time fearing death, i thought a drama facing mortality head on would exacerbate these anxieties. while it does force you to come face-to-face with mortality each episode, there is also a sort of an acceptance that forms in watching each life unfold & close and reminds you that life is never permanent for anybody. there is something so beautiful & humane about this drama and i would highly recommend for a quality watch from beginning to end

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