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  • The Docks of New York

    The Docks of New York


    Lucky to have caught this in a vintage theater with a live organ score. Exquisitely shot, beautifully performed, filled with sincerity and humor.

  • Laura



    I liked this film a lot more before I got older and more knowledgeable about male manipulation and objectification under the guise of love. Laura, girl, you need to be single for a long, long while.

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  • The Hustler

    The Hustler


    Good god, what did we ever do to deserve Paul Newman.

  • Love & Friendship

    Love & Friendship


    Finally, at long last, a movie that gets Austen right by focusing on her sly humor and viciously subtle characterizations rather than the overblown romanticism usually attached to her name. It is, in a word, delightful.