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  • Taxi



    One of my favorite working filmmakers, even when he's legally prohibited to work. This faux documentary follows Panahi driving a taxi around Tehran, listening to debates on crime and punishment, transporting a range of passengers from accident victim to goldfish and advising his niece on her student film. It weaves together not only all these stories but the constrasting tones of his daily life; one moment he's teasing his niece and the next he thinks he hears the voice of…

  • Chicago



    The original silent version of CHICAGO, produced only a year after the play premiered and only three years after the murders that inspired the tale took place, is interesting but not great. It has two chief assets: 1) the fact that it was filmed so close to the date of the story's origin, which means it's a irreplaceable snapshot of the backdrops and sentiments of the 1920s, and 2) its star Phyllis Haver, who is delightful. Her slyly humorous performance…