A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time ★★½

While I can appreciate some of the updates and tone changes, I found this to be supremely boring. For a movie that spends every five minutes reminding us what the message is (self worth! Did you get that?), it sure spends a lot more time showing perfectly crafted glamorous worlds, women, and children with not a hair out of place. All of which makes the message seem way more disingenuous... ‘celebrate your differences’ by choosing one of three possible pre-chosen colors from this lifestyle magazine! 

The children felt flat, the pacing is glacial and I could barely recognize anything from the source material. Also a weird message about how the father is punished for having discovered something unknown but his daughter is celebrated despite following in his exact footsteps and leaving her life and mother behind.... but okay, whatever. Punish the dad for trying to ‘shake hands with god’... maybe this wasn’t as areligious as I first thought.

 Best part of this movie was when I left the theater and found Michael Shannon standing around on the sidewalk dressed like a schlub and we made eye contact and then I left. I shoulda said hi but I didn’t wanna bug him / he plays enough bad guys you never know if he’s gonna stab ya or not.

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