Hereditary ★★½

Eh. Really disappointing. I’m a total wuss for horror films and even I feel blah on this being scary at all. For one, I was happy to see the first character die cause I didn’t like them anyhow. Too “weird” to be understandable. I also thought the acting in this approached cheesy... there’s a couple of line readings that felt straight out of community theater. 

But I did think half of it was profoundly sad. The scenes with the son arguing with the mother really got to me. His grief and guilt in general. The revealed horrors of what he’s had to put up with from his mother in the past. That final scene with him screaming from the attic was just heartbreakingly depressing to me. When Hereditary is about family dynamics it’s deeply intriguing. Which isn’t to say the satanism is uninteresting, but t certainly pales in comparison. It’s like being served a delicious prepared dish and being told “no you’re just here to appreciate the silverware, don’t think about the food.”

The ending also left a lot of questions of “why” in general and who exactly was profiting in riches here? By the end, the character doesn’t even seem to truly understand herself. It was kind of like a more poorly paced remake of Rosemary’s Baby. I also liked The Witch better when it comes to justifying bringing Satanism into the mix. This just felt like a lot of style, a lot of loose ends for the sake of it, with little substance other than thinking it’s fun to punch people when they’re already down.

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