Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★

“Hey Jenna you love 60s movies, what’d you think of the new Tarantino?!” 
I can’t help but feel like people are rating this on a curve because they’re just so impressed that Tarantino has slightly more thoughts in his brain than the N-word and violence. Well, this has a buncha digs at Mexicans and a predictably gratuitously violent end, but it took us a sold two hours to get there soooooo........good job at restraint, buddy!(??)

Honestly I just don’t get this movie... there’s a good movie somewhere in here about a hollow, aging actor and his wife-killing, professional stepping-stone of a stunt man BFF. Im not actually sure that story goes much of anywhere... and perhaps Tarantino had the wherewithal to realize that too so he decided to shove Sharon Tate in there to keep his bloodthirsty audience itching for their fix. Speaking of... why is Sharon Tate in this at all? Margot Robbie has less lines in this than a young girl extra who appears in one brief scene. She also spends all of her time bopping around to music or the music in her head while she... I don’t know. Sharon Tates? I don’t think Tarantino knows either—he can’t imagine what a woman would do on her own besides buy a book for her husband and then go stare at herself being sexualized in the worst Matt Helm movie

I didn’t hate this by any means, but I just don’t think it added up to anything big or small. Unlike the rest of the theater I barely laughed—the only thing that was genuinely funny was the Italian movies bit. Leo does a great job, I really enjoyed his movie acting sequence even if it felt detached from the rest of the film. Brad Pitt does a good job too, though he has some of the worst scenes in the movie—including that embarrassingly cringe worthy Bruce Lee scene. 

At the end of the day, this just felt like a weirdly conservative wish fulfillment fantasy of the end of a decade that Tarantino offers little to no insight into. But he throws enough specific references in there to distract his audience and keep them watching in hopes that they get to watch a pregnant woman be stabbed in the stomach. SHRUG. Easily coulda cut an hour of parody footage out of this and it would have been much improved. 

Also he dropped the ball at not listing the stunt people first in the end credits here.... I mean after all that, c’mon.

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