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  • RRR



    So much... everything. Big, bold and entirely over the top in every respect: action, stunts, set pieces, special effects, romance, friendship, family, nationalism, music and dance choreography. Pure spectacle cinema in the most outrageous and entertaining fashion.

    I pride myself in seeking out non-English language films from other countries. But the foreign cinema I consume is almost entirely small, independent films. There's something very interesting and valuable I think in seeing how other countries and cultures tackle the big budget blockbuster.

  • Where the Wild Things Are

    Where the Wild Things Are


    Scene to scene I always felt right on the verge of tearing up, whether in sadness or sweetness. Being a child is full of fun, friendship and energy, but it can also be scary and lonely. Learning to deal with and accept that things do change, some people leave, and one's parents aren't actually perfect and can't always protect us, but rather are flawed human beings, is painful.

    This film captures all that joy and melancholy of youth in a really special way.

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  • Burning



    I watch movies specifically to feel something. In 2 and a half hours I didn’t here. Well, except for disappointment and frustration.

    The way the film’s sole key female character was wrote seemed straight out of a John Green novel. An easily disposable beautiful, mysterious, highly sexual, former girl next door with a deep sadness (that we never receive any insight into) who matters only so much as she affects and attracts the incredibly average male protagonist. That’s a no from me.

  • Disobedience



    When Rachel 1 asked Rachel 2 if she still only fancies women and Rachel 2 responded with a fervent nod, a devilish grin, and by taking a puff of Rachel 1's cigarette I lost it.

    Honestly this may be the best stealth comedy of the year.