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  • Annihilation



    Has anything ever been so simultaneously terrifying and beautiful?

    This is such an impressive and impactful film. It has these moments of intense horror and violence, but at other times feels almost like a religious experience. It's so intelligent, engaging, original, thrilling, and superbly cast with visuals and a world that are impossible to forget.

    While watching I kept thinking this is really good, but still finding all these little faults (with the flashbacks, the framing device, pacing, lack of…

  • Panic Room

    Panic Room


    That long take where Fincher pans through the house during the initial break in, Birdman (2014) whom??

    I like my Fincher with a little more psychological depth, but for a film that's pure suspense and adrenaline this is pretty great (but low key Don't Breathe does it better, though in reverse)

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  • Lizzie



    The fake SNL super bowl commercial for Totino's pizza roles starring Kristen Stewart is significantly better (and sexier) than this movie.

  • Tully



    Sad to report: not gay (enough)

    I love it when Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody work together. Their collaborations always result in hilarious, clever films with a surprising amount of insight and depth. I'm not a mother and and may never be, but I still feel like this has to be one the most realistic and honest depictions of motherhood, and all of the exhaustion, boredom, and frustrations that accompany it along with the joys. Kinda wanna call my mom…