Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ★★★★

A really good time! You can certainly call this a Western or a comedy, but to me it’s a romance, not between a couple but friends. Yet as important and filled with love, warmth, and care as any romantic paring.

My first time at TCM Film Festival! From age 14-17 I religiously watched TCM (averaging probably 3 films a week). They’re pretty much solely responsible for developing my love of and taste in film. So many of my favorite movies I saw through them. The intros were always so great too (who can forget Winona Ryder’s stint as a semi-regular guest host? certainly not me!) And anyway, it was just cool to get to attend a bit of their fest (hopefully will catch another film or two there tomorrow so if anyone who is following me here is going too reach out!).

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