Lady Bird ★★★★½

Throughout the entire film I either wore the widest possible grin or had tears welling up in my eyes as my face crumpled into itself.

This is a very real and very special film, clearly made with great affection and attention to detail (which the film suggests may just be the same thing). All the characters and their relationships felt genuine and I was happy to spend time with each of them. This movie gets so much right about how it feels to be young and unsure of who you are or what you want. And how badly you want to be wanted, be in charge of your life, and have it all figured out at last. How your mom can be both the person you have the ugliest fights with and the first one you want to call and cry to when things go wrong. The desire to be literally anywhere other than your hometown and escape the state and your family as soon as you hit 18, while simultaneously harboring a secret (even to yourself) love for the place and people is something I know very well, and Gerwig & Saoirse were able to reflect this feeling with such authenticity and heart on the screen. 

This is an extremely specific and personal story, yet I immediately related to and connected with it, as well as absolutely loved it. I don't know how you couldn't.

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