Mindhunters ★★★★½

Using this to log the Netflix series Mindhunter's second season.

I honestly doubt any show has surprised me as much as Mindhunter. First in how much I disliked it. I went into the first season back when it premiered convinced I'd absolutely love it and was shocked by how much I genuinely didn't care for it. I'm very intrigued by true crime and psychology, and of course love Fincher so it seemed right up my my alley. But I sadly found the show boring, a raging display of misogyny to no real effect, thought the protagonist was insufferable, and was frustrated by how the most interesting characters (aka the women) were pushed to the edge of the story.

I was shocked yet again when I decided for the hell of it just to watch the first episode of the new season before abandoning it for good. I was obsessed with it, in fact it's easily one of my favorite pieces of media this year. My reaction is so different I honestly wonder if I changed or if the show did. I felt all of the brilliant tension and dread here, thought the shorter interview sequences and larger, overarching Atlanta Child Murders storyline were done excellently and paired together well, and I loved how the show pivoted the focus on personal lives to Wendy and Tench (who are portrayed so well by their actors).

Also really dug how the show sought to be more diverse this time around and really fleshed out their non-straight/non-white characters and showcased how their sexuality, gender or race informed their lives and work and the way they're treated by their colleagues/the community/the police while not being their definitive characteristic. Anyway, I'll forgive Fincher for his long break from movies when we get really intriguing, intelligent, and creepy content like this!

P.S. The casting (Jonathan Groff withstanding I hate to say) is so good here. All of the killers are brilliant and the actresses who play the mother's of the Atlanta Child Killer's victims are so heartbreaking and fierce.