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This review may contain spoilers.

What's the purpose of a film review really? To tell the reader if a movie is good? Parasite is. To help you decide if you should bother seeing it? You absolutely should. And then, finally, to lay out the premise of the plot, critique the artistic decisions of the cast and crew, and discuss what the film is revealing about modern day society, all without giving the film’s secrets away? Well, that’s a bit trickier a task when it comes to this film. Parasite is difficult enough to categorise and discuss with someone who’s already watched it, much less with people who haven’t yet seen it.

Bong Joon-ho is a filmmaker who’s worked in a variety of different genres. He’s done science fiction, true crime thriller, drama, and monster movies. But what makes him such a distinct and notable writer and director is the way he plays with and puts his own spin on these genres, injecting comedy or fantastical elements where one wouldn’t normally expect to find it.

You can read the rest of my review (spoiler free, which is not easily done) here.

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