Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas ★★★★½

I always feel a bit nervous going into watching a classic & acclaimed film that everyone else seems to love, concerned I won't like or understand it.

Blessedly I found Paris, Texas to be an entirely engaging, lingering, and bruising film. I'm a firm believer that no film needs to be longer than 90 minutes, but I was with this film its entire 2.5 hour runtime (the last 45 minutes or so being its finest). Even the times when it meandered and seemed unsure of its footing somehow worked and fit. I was completely invested and wrapped up in the characters and their connections to each other, more so than in any possible outcome. I alternated between feeling sympathy and affection for the lead and frustration and anger at his irresponsible and selfish decisions. 

There's a lot to love. The dialogue is beyond brilliant with real feelings to it, the cast gives intensely honest and heartbreaking performances, and the cinematography is really beautiful and striking.
Oh, and I think this film probably has my favorite scene in any movie ever.

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