Eternals ★★★½

I’m not gonna lie, right when the credits hit I was hit with so many loving emotions, because I think the third act is so strong. But after that when I got home I couldn’t just grade it yet because I had other mixed thoughts in there. Right now here’s my take: this movie is good and very different, which is something refreshing for the MCU. The diverse cast and character decisions gave me so much joy, and genuinely this movie feels like a love letter to humanity, a concept that Chloé Zhao focuses on heavily in the best way possible. However, the first act and second feels like a lot of catch-up, same conversations are given to new characters to get them all up to speed, when the audience already knows what’s happening. And it is very exposition heavy, a lot more than I was expecting and it did take me out of it for a bit. But I still don’t want to bash this movie. It’s so special, and I’m already excited to view it again. And like I said the third act is AMAZING and Ramin Djawadi’s incredible score just HITS.

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