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  • Wolfwalkers



    A delight in every way. Cartoon Saloon can do no wrong!

    Guess what! I reviewed this for an actual non-social-network Real Website! The Sunbreak! My first solo review for them (first anywhere but here on LB since 2014!), after that roundtable feature I participated in in September about Local Sightings! I'd really love it if you'd go read that right here!!!

  • A Knight's Tale

    A Knight's Tale


    I really wanted to see this in the theater when it came out, summer 2001. I was the perfect target audience for it: 16, a fan of rom coms and rock music and particularly smitten over Heath Ledger. They made this movie exactly for kids like me. AND, I had my first Real Boyfriend (after a few hand-holding/AIM flirtations who I would have counted before that but do not count now). Garett. He was a year older and we played…

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  • Psychomagic, a Healing Art

    Psychomagic, a Healing Art


    Doc about Jodorowsky's practice rooted in art rather than science, but set up as oppositional to/complementary of/alternative to psychoanalysis. It's hard not to see almost all of it as sexual and a little silly, and I can pretty definitively say this is never gonna be for me, but if it works for some people who are trying to work through/past trauma, who am I to stand in their way. There's one scene where he's basically doing a faith-healer thing at…

  • Greenland



    Last year's Gerard Butler apocalypse movie that I think was meant to kick off another attempted wave of theater reopening at a bad time of 2020. It's not great but it's not complete garbage like I expected it to be, although I did spend pretty much all my notes worrying about plot holes.

    Why is this comet ("not an asteroid, comets move much faster") called "Clarke", like it's a person you can chat about in conversation like your pal, not…

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  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    I liked seeing a lot of Yorgos Lanthimos' trademarks played out on a grander scale/in a period setting. Like his last few, I found that a lot of the first act was just figuring out exactly what is going on here, what the situation is. We're just thrown right into it and have to situate ourselves on our own, which I like. Lots of other cinematic touches that basically all serve to unsettle and create distance, which is what ol'…

  • The Wolf of Snow Hollow

    The Wolf of Snow Hollow


    After I basically lost my mind about how much I loved Thunder Road (and also subsequently watched every Jim Cummings short I could find as well), I decided to not screw around with rental mechanics/costs or waiting for streaming, and just went ahead and sight-unseen pre-ordered this blu ray so I'd get it the day it was released. (It helped that Target was having a sale where you buy two media items and get one free, a steal!) I'm glad…