The Babadook ★★★★★

First rewatch since the theater (fully wide-eyed the whole time with Brian at Tower City Cinemas Cleveland RIP, NYE at the end of 2014); bought this dvd for a dollar at that record store in Boise last summer and finally felt like the right time to put it on. I felt the same way about it now that I did then: an absolute master class in literalizing metaphor, in this case grief becoming an unmanageable monster until one must not vanquish, but rather confront and control it. Gorgeous.

The sound design on this is pretty extreme on contrasts. I turned up the volume on my tv way higher than my usual in order to hear the conversational bits, of which there are many, but then it's punctuated by really aggressively loud sudden sounds, and I don't even only mean jump scares. (Car engine roaring, kid yelling.)

Love that this movie is all grey but it's not washed out or desaturated: it's all in set and costume designs!

Loved the scene that fast fwds through a night's sleep: at first it seems like maybe she's having a seizure or going through something supernatural, but then you notice the light changing and realize it's just time sped up on an activity we don't usually watch like this. Very cool.

"Where did you get those firecrackers?"
"You got them for me on the internet"
"Well that's the end of the internet."

Lots of little special features on the dvd, although no commentary. But there's a "cast and crew interviews" section that runs a hair over an hour long. (Best quote to come out of that: "She's like mum and dad in The Shining: She is in terror and then she is terror.") I don't think this thing was included unless it was subsumed into those interviews? Just noting that there since it seems weird that what's clearly a disc bonus feature, has an entry here on LB, and yet is not included on the disc I own which does have substantial bonus features. hmm.

(I'm also totally here for the Babadook as a queer icon, hell yeah)

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