Aquarius ★★★★★

I grew up in my grandmother's house. My parents would drop me and my brother there in the mornings so they could go to work all day and then take us back home at night. She'd cook us lunch, get us dressed and send us off to school. I know all the neighbors from her building and from all the others down the street. They've all seen me grow up, literally. They were there when I was born, during my childhood when I was running around everywhere, spreading chaos around this building that consisted mostly of elderly people, they were there during my annoying pre-teen years when I didn't talk to anyone because of ~ teen angst ~ and they were there, and still are, when I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety, couldn't get myself out of bed and just had this total change from the happy and energetic kid they knew. Now, my grandmother, or her building, never went through what Clara did, but everything about a Aquarius screams memories and nostalgia and several aspects of her family and their life hit really close home to me. My grandmother's house has as many ghosts as Clara's has and is as alive as hers is. It's been there for at least 3 generations and every corner, every piece of furniture has something to say.     
 Kléber Mendonça Filho was able to take such a simple concept and make it into a beautiful film that brings a different emotion in each scene, combining it with a amazing soundtrack (a soundtrack that I grew up with thanks to my parents who love music as much as Clara does), and Sonia Braga was, is, a force to be reckoned with. All I can say is that my brazilian pride is feeling really good about itself right now.

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