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  • Battle for Sevastopol

    Battle for Sevastopol


    It seems like the Russians also wants to show off their top marksman, in the Ukrainian and Russian joint production ”Battle for Sevastopol”, which came out just a few months after the release of “American Sniper”, which deals with the life and death of the American navy seal Chris Kyle, who’s the American marksman with the most confirmed sniper kills. If you read my review of that movie, you will see how much I despise that movie and it’s patriotic…

  • Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?

    Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?


    Noam Chomsky, a man who handles the task of multitasking, with the fact of being highly regarded as the father of modern linguistics, and at the same time the greatest political intellectual of our time. And its here the dilemma comes when you decides to make a documentary about him. "Should I interview Chomsky the linguist or Chomsky the activist?" Because these two fields are equally part of his identity. His legacy will be in both of these fields.


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  • Nymphomaniac



    Lars von Trier continues to surprise us with his extremely thought provoking experiments. His latest film Nymphomaniac, which after my opinion is the best von Trier film since Dancer in the Dark is a pure genius creation. It's not a straight narrative, it's more like a movie montage beautifully pasted just like the early Soviet montage films of the twenties, knowing where to hit the spot. I would have thought this would be a depressing grand epic, but it's the…

  • Frances Ha

    Frances Ha


    Noah Baumbach's Frances Ha is one of those movies that restores my faith in american cinema, knowing that there are someone that knows to pull off a beautifully playful black-and-white dramedy with great improvised dialogue and a witty main character, played wonderfully by the new hipster cinema queen Greta Gerwig, whom it's impossible not to love, like french new wave actress Anna Karina in the nineteen sixties. And this movie certainly knows how to let itself loose.

    Frances Ha is…