Love, Simon ★★★½

"What do you want to see this weekend: LOVE, STALIN or THE DEATH OF SIMON?" Yeah, I actually said that and had to correct myself as soon as I did. As for LOVE, SIMON - it's the gay John Hughes movie we never knew we needed. But, we do! Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) is very much your typical high school senior. Except he's got a secret: he hasn't told his friends or family that he's gay - he might even wait till college before saying about it. He befriends an anonymous classmate on the school's social media site who is also gay. Another classmate, Martin (Logan Miller), comes across some private exchanges on the school computer and blackmails Simon regarding his hidden sexuality. I am making this sound like rough stuff but the movie is light, funny, uplifting, and endearing. Formally, this is largely inadventurous. And yet, it is a groundbreaker. Why? The last major studio release about the LGBTQ community was I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY in 2007. That Fox put this out on 2,402 screens is a big deal. You should see it because it is important. Because we want many more LOVE SIMONs to get made. But, also because it's really damn good and I dare you not to cry. I cried like four different times. Okay, fine, six. No shame.