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  • Watchmen



    Thanks to the HBO show, I finally decided to watch this film. I did see it way back when it first came out but didn’t remember a minute of it. I’m also not the biggest Zack Snyder fan so I was pleasantly surprised with this film.

    Since the Dark Knight and the MCU, the powers that be—Snyder included—seemed convinced superhero films could only be either dark, grim, and realistic or colorful, funny, and campy. Watchmen manages to subvert those expectations…

  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    Entertaining, yet disjointed, Doctor Sleep doesn’t feel as necessary as it should despite some killer performances from every actor involved. 


  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

    The Nightmare Before Christmas


    25 Days of Christmas #2

    While it's obvious a glorious piece of artwork, The Nightmare Before Christmas is more of a concept than a narrative.


  • The Grinch

    The Grinch


    25 Days of Christmas #1

    How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) ran so The Grinch (2018) could limp.


  • A Simple Favor

    A Simple Favor


    Pretty Little Liars meets Gone Girl, A Simple Favor does nothing new for the enigmatic-pretty-girl-gone-missing subgenre aside from some fun performances from the stars, specifically Blake Lively. It's unfortunate she doesn't get more work. 


  • Frozen II

    Frozen II


    Wow. We did all that just for some costume changes. 


  • American Son

    American Son


    While American Son is one of those stage-to-screen adaptions that fail to FULLY adapt, it's also a thought-provoking, heart-wrenching, completely necessary film that everyone should watch.


  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    October Horrorthon #21

    This wasn’t a horror film but it’s listed under horror here on Letterboxd so I’m using it. 

    The Lighthouse is a claustrophobic, thought provoking film with knockout performances for both its stars. 


  • The Shining

    The Shining


    October Horrorthon #20

    I would kill to see Rob Zombie remake this.


  • Zombieland: Double Tap

    Zombieland: Double Tap


    October Horrorthon #19

    Zombieland: Double Tap isn't as sophisticated as its predecessor but it's still one of the funnest films to hit theaters this year.


  • Green Room

    Green Room


    October Horrorthon #18

    Despite being categorized as a horror film here on Letterboxd, this movie didn't feel at all like a horror film but more like a thriller. Until the gore comes.

    Characters: 5/10
    The only memorable performance was from Patrick Stewart. Every other character is boring and dumb.

    Storyline: 7/10
    The storyline was lean and felt real. While I would've enjoyed more, I totally respect how streamlined this story was.

    Scares: 8/10
    This movie is highly suspenseful. Even the…

  • The Invitation

    The Invitation


    October Horrorthon #17

    Technically this isn't a horror film but it was listed under Netflix's horror section and I'm already behind so deal with it.

    Characters: 5/10
    Nothing really special about the characters here. They weren't annoying but they weren't memorable either.

    Storyline: 4/10
    When you didn't really know what was going on, the movie felt uneasy in a good way but as it progresses, it kind of plateaus.

    Scares: 6/10
    There are some creepy moments but as I said…