A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★★

A Quiet Place Part II joins the elite group of sequels that surpass their predecessor, which is a tricky feat seeing as the first film was such a breath of fresh air for the horror genre. This delivers even more of what I wanted to see in the first film while improving in nearly every aspect in the process. The tension is even greater, even when the foreshadowing for forthcoming situations can be obvious, and Krasinski has really refined his craft here, making one of the tightest, most engaging post-apocalyptic stories in years. He expands the world to a pretty rapid degree, allowing for a lot more atmosphere and worldly presence than what the first film had, giving this world a much more lived-in feeling. The film doesn't rely on the gimmick as much this time around either but instead gives the characters more dimension and more time to truly grow, along with introducing new and interesting characters as well. I really did love this one. There were so many moments throughout that I was gripping the handles of my seat and squirming, and I was so into it. As for any issues I have, they're minor but I do have a few. The film is more or less split up into two plots, one of which is far more interesting than the other. Not that the other half of the plot isn't interesting, as some of the tensest and most exciting moments of the film come from it, and Noah Jupe in particular is given more time to shine, but there just wasn't quite as much to chew on in that half of the story. I also think that the ending is way too abrupt and needed a little more time to wrap up and breathe before cutting to credits. I was really into the finale and thought it was fairly satisfying on an emotional level, but then it just sort of stops, and I was left wanting a little more in the way of resolution. But with all of that being said, A Quiet Place Part II is a superior film to the first in almost every respect. The characters and world are expanded upon and are given more depth, the atmosphere is thick and rich with tension, and the film knows how to keep its gimmick feeling fresh and effective at all times. There's really nothing more I can say. This is without a doubt one of the finest films of the year so far. See it.

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