Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is yet another masterpiece under Tarantino's belt. A beautifully well-realized love letter to Hollywood's Golden Age that is both hilarious and personal. It's perhaps Tarantino's most mature film to date, and it's a great example of how he has matured over the years.

DiCaprio and Pitt turn in some of their best work yet here, with Pitt stealing the show and giving what may be his best performance to date, and maybe his most enjoyable character as well, which is saying a lot. Robbie's Sharon Tate, while she doesn't really affect the plot in the end and honestly could've been cut from the film, is an absolute delight to watch, and I loved every minute of screentime she had, so while she may be a problem for some in that respect, I had no issue with her as a character at all, and I think Tarantino does Sharon Tate and her legacy justice here.

The film combines the Old Hollywood storyline and the Manson Family storyline (if you want to call it that) incredibly well, and the way they cross paths in the third act is exhilarating to watch, and one of Tarantino's best climaxes to date. Tarantino really lets you soak up every little detail of this film and its nostalgic atmosphere, and its long runtime is completely justified and is not felt in the slightest. I loved every second of watching this film, and I never wanted it to end.

This is about as good as they get in my eyes. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is pretty much everything I could've asked for. It's hilarious, fun, energetic, atmospheric, nostalgic, violent. Just about everything you could want from a Tarantino film, and it's one of his best films to date.

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