The Dark Knight ★★★★★

I remember seeing The Dark Knight in theaters 10 years ago and being blown away, and while I still think it's a fantastic movie, and probably the best comic book movie ever made, I'll admit that there are a couple scenes that are a bit slow and Nolan's pacing in said scenes is a bit sloppy. But with that being said, this is a near perfect movie. Are there comic book movies I probably have more fun watching? Sure, but that's not because I don't adore this movie, because I do. It's mainly because this is such a heavy crime drama rather than a fun comic book movie, and it takes patience to watch because of that, but the fact that I see this as a crime drama and not really as a comic book movie is a testament to what Nolan did here. The cinematography is fantastic, and the dark aesthetic of the film gives it its gritty tone. The acting, especially from Heath Ledger, who gives one of the best performances ever put to film, is astounding, and just like Batman Begins, the fact that I can take a person in clown makeup and a man dressed as a bat this seriously is amazing. The story is a very interesting mob tale, and this is honestly one of the best mob movies ever made. 10 years later, The Dark Knight is as amazing as ever. Does it have problems? Yes. Do I really care? Not really. I might prefer The Dark Knight Rises to this (even though this is objectively the better movie) but this is still one of the best comic book movies ever made.

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