The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★

The trailers made this film look incredibly biased and unsubtle, but to my surprise, The Hunt is a pretty funny satire about extremism on both sides, and it pokes fun at both sides pretty much equally. Is it as unsubtle as the trailer made it look? Yes. Absolutely. But that's exactly what the film is going for. It's a full-blown comedy with suspense/thriller elements, and it works pretty well for the most part. Betty Gilpin is really great here, and the film's first act is quite subversive, which I appreciated. This wasn't the film I was expecting, and I do mean that in a good way. It doesn't all work by any means. There are some jokes that fall pretty flat, the characters are all underdeveloped, and the film does feel longer than it is. But as a whole, this was surprisingly enjoyable. Nothing great, but considering this is probably going to be one of the last films I see in theaters for a while, this isn't a bad one to go out on.

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