Possessor ★★★½

Little bit late to this one and I almost loved it. There was a lot that was great, but a few things that held it back. 

The premise is great and it was always engaging. I was surprised it finished when it did because it only felt like I’d been watching it for an hour rather than over an hour and a half.

Performances are strong and so are many of the visuals. I think it loses some steam in its final act and doesn’t manage to stay as satisfying throughout. And while the violence is horrific and convincing, during the last brutal stabbing scene (yes, there is more than one), it kind of looked like the stabber is holding back from hurting the stabbee, which took me out of the moment.

There’s some sense of “that’s it?” due to the ending feeling like it came so soon, as well as that great premise fizzling out a little in the final half hour, but the journey (rather than the destination) is almost always unnerving, engaging, and visually appealing (maybe the extra headroom in a lot of closeups bothered me a bit, but there was a reason for it). 

I feel like Brandon Cronenberg’s future movies have the potential to improve on this and be truly great, so looking forward to whatever he might do next.

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