The Wait

The Wait ★★★★

TIFF 2015 Film #6

Heartbreaking...the dramatic tension in The Wait is like a wound-up elastic band just waiting to be released and alleviated for the entire run time of this tragic story. Binoche once again finds herself in a meaty and substantial role of sadness; deftly handling numerous emotions on her facial muscles like no other actress working today. A sense of live-theatricality abounds between her and her co-star Lou De Laâge, as an unraveling of denial, guilt, desperation and heartbreak happens all within confined spaces in a Sicilian home. At times I had wished for more subtlety in its telling (the score is a tad too swelling and exaggerated during key moments, surprisingly similar to Sorrentino's Youth, of whom Messina worked with in the past) but nonetheless there are some breathtaking moments of acting and cinematography to treasure here.