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  • Leave No Trace

    Leave No Trace


    Missed this when it was in theaters, but thankfully so, now that I got to see it at a free screening with director Debra Granik doing Q&A afterwards. Seems like the type of person you'd want to be your aunt.

    The poetic stillness of a Kelly Reichard film, with the heart of something like Lean on Pete, or Into the Wild. Lives off the tender dynamic between the two leads and the moments where silence says more than words could.

    "I know you would stay if you could."

  • Widows



    Steve McQueen is the best director of this decade.
    And he directed arguably the greatest movie of this decade.
    Any of his last three movies would be, by far, the best movie in most filmmakers' filmographies. Black artists at their peak are on another level.

    I am ecstatic about how good this is. The most entertaining, thrilling movie of 2018 doubles as one of the most socially relevant films in recent years. A politically, culturally charged riot that uses its…

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  • Suspiria



    "Why is everyone so ready to think the worst is over?"

    A nightmarish amalgam of unfettered chaos and grandiose rituals. Like dance itself—visceral and operatic.

    A few minutes and an unwelcome subplot away from being a masterpiece, but nonetheless, Guadagnino's work here is worth all the praise it can get. Even in the more elaborate and abstract moments, Guadagnino's deftness keeps the story connected on a deeply personal level. There will always be more to say about this film.


  • Tully



    "I'm not afraid of the future."
    "You should be."

    Watching Charlize breakdown over her annoying ass children gave me a whole lot of anxiety and sympathy, neither of which were expected, and reaffirmed my desire to never have children.

    Confidently and impressively directed and edited, with a surprising amount of visual flair. Mackenzie Davis is incredibly charming, a perfect contrast to Theron's raggedness. Oh, and there's an all too brief montage of Cyndi Lauper songs.

    In many ways, this year's…