Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk ★★★★

Seeing this in plain ol’ 2D, I wasn’t distracted by Lee’s use of technology, although his unusual frontal framing certainly felt immersive all the same, emphasizing a desire to look squarely at people who often get reduced to ideological constructs. The formal approach is at once at odds with the satirical intent of the source novel yet oddly right for Lee, who can’t commit to such mockery even if he can empathize with an inescapable sense of dislocation. Lee looks at America and sees a distinct contradiction between self-interest and selflessness. This film is fascinated that these two mindsets not only can coexist but can also exist in symbiosis, constructing meaning out of meaningless sloganeering. Quite a mix of sadness and hopefulness here… it finds empathy in a vacuum.