Deadgirl ★★★

For those willing to forego quality production values and decent acting for a brush with the taboo, Deadgirl offers plenty of repulsive excitement. Mixing sexual deviance and zombie gore like no movie since Return of the Living Dead 3, this twisted thriller follows the fallout that ensues after two undersexed teens find an immortal and naked woman tied up in the basement of an abandoned mental asylum. Upon laying eyes on her gross but attractive form, one of the boys suggests, “We could keep her.” It’s a moment that the film doesn’t manage to sell, but for those who can accept the decision, it sets of a series of gross-outs that reward the suspension of disbelief.

To Deadgirl’s credit, it’s less reliant than gore or shock scares than the inherent perversity of its premise to freak out its audience. As the boys start looking at the dead girl as a sexual object, they begin to fight both their raging hormones and each other. Before long, the situation spirals out of control, resulting in additional mayhem. I’ll refrain from spoiling the story from that point, but I will assure readers that what results is fairly original by the standards of horror movie plots. While Deadgirl has its problems, such as its poor performances, weak dialogue, and gaping plot holes, it is undoubtedly creepy enough to make its roughness forgivable.