I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore ★★★★

An exemplary, stylish, Sundance-winning entertainment that heavily recalls both the ‘90s heyday of indie-film Tarantino knockoffs and the recent efforts of Jeremy Saulnier, for whom director Macon Blair has performed repeatedly. I’ve been a fan of Saulnier all along, but this trumps anything that that he has directed to date, more deftly seguing between gross-out violence, verbal humor and an emotional core that concerns a woman who has spent her life suffering small indignities and decides that enough is enough. While Blair stops short of profundity, staging the finale into action movie terms, his film nonetheless feels remarkably anchored, given what happens in it. Much of the credit must go to Melanie Lynskey, who makes her rage palpable without relying on the usual actorly tics.